About Me

Joshua KovitzWelcome! My name is Josh Kovitz, and I love tinkering with new tech and understanding how the world works. At the present time, I am conducting research and development at the Advanced Concepts Laboratory within the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). My primary role is to provide antenna expertise for related projects in addition to investigating new technologies that could improve wireless systems as we know it. My skills concentrate primarily in antenna engineering, microwave systems, and electromagnetics, but I also take interest in wireless communications and circuits to gain a holistic perspective on my work. I designed this website to serve as an outlet for exhibiting my work, interests, and current status. For those interested, please make sure to check out my research portfolio page.

Before coming to GaTech, I was a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), collaborating with Prof. Rahmat-Samii on a project developing sophisticated CubeSat antennas. I also graduated with my PhD and Masters in Electrical Engineering from UCLA in 2015 and 2012, respectively. Before graduate studies, I attended the University of Houston (UH) to receive a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (summa cum laude) in 2010 and an inspiration to continue my education. I list some of my most recent awards and external activities below, but a full disclosure is given in my curriculum vitae, which can be accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Recent Awards / Recognition

  • Elected to URSI Membership: at the most recent conference, I was nominated to become a full member of Commission B of the US National Committee (USNC) for the Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale (URSI) organization.
  • URSI Young Scientist Award: I was awarded a young scientist award at the URSI General Assembly 2017 Meeting held in Montreal, Canada. The award aims to “recognize an international group of individuals who have made innovative contributions and discoveries in multidiscipline research related to electromagnetic fields and waves.”
  • Raj Mittra Travel Grant Award: A highly selective competition chooses one PhD level researcher to receive funding to attend and participate in the 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Eligible candidates recently graduated within the last six years (Jan. 1, 2010 – Dec. 31, 2015). It was an honor receive this award and attend the 2016 IEEE APS conference. I even enjoyed a great conversation with Raj Mittra during the banquet.
  • Second place in 2015 IEEE APS Contest: Out of 173 submitted papers worldwide, my submitted paper (in collaboration with Profs. Rahmat-Samii and Choi) was chosen as the top 13 finalists at the International Antennas and Propagation Symposium double-blind student paper competition. At the second stage of the contest, the 13 finalists competed in a poster session, and it was an honor to be awarded second place.
  • NDSEG Fellow: I was awarded the prestigious National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG)
    Fellowship which supports students (both tuition and stipend) for three full years. Only 8% of EE applicants were awarded nationwide.
  • Top EE PhD Prelim Exam Score in 2012: I was recognized as the highest-ranked student for the UCLA PhD Preliminary Exam in the Physical & Wave Electronics Area in 2012. This also came with a student fellowship.
  • Edward K. Rice Outstanding Masters Student Award
  • 2012 Distinguished M.S. Thesis Award in Physical & Wave Electronics

Other Important Activities

Joshua is a member of IEEE, URSI, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, and Phi Kappa Phi. He actively participates in the IEEE APS society and is a current reviewer for the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, and IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters. He has also served as reviewer for several conference venues and also as a (special and regular) session chair in relevant conferences such as the IEEE AP Symposium and the URSI National Radio Science Meeting.

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